Kuver 1.1 _ 7.-14.01.2016. Funchal, Portugal

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An installation exhibition that tells stories; an interruption in the life of a neighbourhood.

more about other installations at kuver.info/

Location: Rua Major Reis Gomes 2, Funchal, Madeira

(across the stairs entrance of the La Vie shopping center)


working hours:

07.01.-14.01. 17:00-22:00


14.01. 19:00 Jorge Maggiore & Igor Stangliczky Duo + Finissage


Kuver 1.1 is realised in collaboration with:


André Loja

Margarida Menezes

Jorge Maggiore

Diana Serrão


as a part of Igor Stangliczky’s artist residency at MultiMadeira

Kuver is an installation for a deserted shop or restaurant. We make the space into a dining room, and turn the window into a speaker, through which we tell stories to the street.

We give no information about the installation: we want people in the neighbourhood to be walking past a shop that’s been empty for a long time, and be surprised that something is actually happening there.

Igor Stangliczky makes the ceramics. Paul Currion writes the words. Kuver provides the ambience.

Igor Stangliczky (www.stang.in) is a sound and sculptural artist. Besides running his ceramics art Gallery1250 in Belgrade gallery1250.com, he has worked on a range of multimedia projects, including representing Serbia at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design And Space.

Paul Currion (www.currion.net) is a writer and musician. He has published fiction and non-fiction in Granta, The White Review, Aeon and others. His commissioned work was recently featured at the Vienna Biennale 2015.


Based in Belgrade, Serbia, they are joined by different collaborators for each installation of Kuver.


Kuver 1.0 happened in Berlin in May 2014 during the SoundOut! Festival;

Kuver 2.0 happened in Belgrade in October 2015 during the Trans Europa Festival.

Kuver 3.0 could happen anywhere, as we adapt and translate each version for each town where it appears.





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