G Boltz cups






Ganz w

Lunno w

dripplar w

jzv fam dessert set

Geldtrekup b

Huggap w/Wooolen

wool by wooolen.com

Spot cupw

Astrringz b

Sparz bl

dm specz

Orglanc w

Spothom w

Kapp W

Kapp B

dripm b

dripm w

Sparz -db-

Lacegeld -w-

Astrosparz -r-

Croztek -ws-

Siltrek.spa -r-

Yapp.a -w-

Astrosparz -gb-

croztak, sets -white-

croztak, set -white-

Astropatz, set -white-

Floratwirlz, plate -black-

sauziere, specials -white-


Royal S&K set



Geldtrek, set -black-


Astroduzt, set -red-

Hertz, set -white-

Yapp.a, chopstic bowls -white-


Yapp.b, chopstic bowls -white-

Yapp.a, chopstic bowls -blue-

Geldhaar, plate -white-

Huiscape, plate -white-

Silvrhaar t, plate -black-

Marz, bowls -bw-

Silvrhaar, plate -black-

Sparzi, bowls -black-

Lace, plate -white-

Lace, plate -black-

Nect, bowls -white

Sparz, bowls -green-

Scape, large plate -white-

Fethr, cup -white-

Hartzoi, large plate -red-

Bateye, bowls -orange-

Rond, bowls -bw-

Hornhartz, bowls -black-

Sparz, bowls -black-

Fethr, cups -red-

Sparz, bowls -red-

Gold sparz, bowls -black-

Ply, chopstick bowls

Rimm, bowls -white-

Fethr bowls, small -red-

The prince, tray -blue-

Globe, bowls -blue-

Sparz, bowls -white-

Rimm, bowls -blue-

ShinyGhost, cups -black-

Spike, bowls -black/red-

jinglebells, -red-

Belgrade, set -black-

Belgrade, set -blue-

Sparz, bowls -blue-

‘FamilyLove’ cup

This was made at a client’s special request, who wanted me to interpret wedding invitation card into a cup. Plus [...]

BlackCity, glasses

Simple B/W bowls

HornHartz, bowls -white-

Fireworks, large -black-

AstroClouds, Handpainted Series Cups -white-

Handpainted series.

More on that..

Chalices, -black-

These are hand thrown on the wheel. All significantly different in detail.
Chalices originally come in 3 colors: black, red, darkblue. [...]

AstroClouds, Soup Bowls